Summer of Riesling

It’s summer so for me that means kicking back and relaxing with my family. Watching the sun set across the vineyards whilst sipping on a beautiful glass of Riesling.


I make two Rieslings that are very different to each other. The Watervale Riesling is typical of Australian Rieslings, using grapes that are not yet ripe, to create a drier taste. The Ein Riese, is typical of German style Riesling and is on the sweeter spectrum. Both are stars in my eyes.


The question then is, what do you pair each Riesling with? These questions have been answered below.


My Mr. Riggs 2016 Watervale Riesling has been given quite the wrap up by the James Halliday Wine Companion, scoring 94 points and landing a spot in their 10 Top Value Rieslings.

It has an overall citrus influence, with a full fruit sweetness, almost like a Granny Smith apple.

In terms of food matching, it goes swimmingly with seafood. (Excuse the pun, I couldn’t resist). Natural oysters are my favourite.

My Mr. Riggs 2016 Ein Riese as I said is a German style, and therefore reasonably sweeter than the Watervale, however it too has a crisp finish. It has natural acidity, and is perfectly balanced. This wine is perhaps my favourite to make. It pairs beautifully with tart berries on a hot night.

So if you’re after something to drink one night this summer, why not indulge in some Riesling and a beautifully matched food. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!



Ben (Mr.) Riggs.