Ben Riggs Launches Three Kings Wine Merchants

We are very excited to share that over the weekend Three Kings Wine Merchants launched, the brand is a collaboration between Ben Riggs, David Krenich, Nathan Sharpe and Samantha Sharpe.

“We are exclusive merchants for some of the freshest and most exciting brands of boutique fine wine available in Australia. With a wealth of insight and expertise at our command, we work meticulously to discover a unique range of wine gems from Australia’s leading wine regions and across the world.

Three Kings Wine Merchants provides an ever-evolving, specialist e-commerce and definitive drinks solution for the consumer who wants more than your average joker. Our networks allow us to hold court with some of the most noble fine wine producers and fellow wine loving personalities across the world. This provides a rich and rewarding experience for those searching to expand their wine empire.”

Brands included in the Three Kings Wine Merchants family are:

  • Ponting Wines which collaborates with Ricky Ponting
  • Backline Wines which collaborates with Adam Ashley-Cooper, Matt Giteau and Drew Mitchell
  • The Kings’ Creed.

Head on over to the Three Kings Wine Merchants website to learn more.